Ek Nayee Zindagi
Ek Nayee Zindagi, the Hindi language TV show and 'Ik Navi Zindagi' the Punjabi language TV show addresses social ills like addiction, anger, broken marriages etc. and it focuses on issues faced by people in their daily lives
Counselling Centre
The Counselling Centre is a place where people can call in, share what is on their minds and receive comfort, guidance & strength to face life in these times of high pressure. The Counselors are available to listen to stories of victory, joy, transformation, healing and thanksgiving.
Verse of the day
However, as it is written “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” the things God has prepared for those who love him.

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Overwhelmed with fear?

21st July'14

Perpetual Sood feared death and questions about life became her focus. Even after marriage she felt lonely and neglected. An invitation to an event at her friend's place changed her and she found answers to her questions.

Need help?

22nd July'14

Samarpan Theodore had no aspiration, goal or dream to achieve in life because he was not a bright student. Yet, today he is the country GM of a company. Discover who was working behind the scene.

Unable to decide?

23rd July'14

Ramandeep wanted to become a famous musician and earn lots of money. In the process he indulged in bad company. Was his mother's prayers able to bring him back on track?

Want to be successful?

24th July'14

Discover the amazing story of excellence from Alfred Luther who has been in advertising for 20 years. Watch to know the secrets of his success.

Unable to forgive?

25th July'14

James Divakar was hit by a motorbike and went into a comatose state. Although the doctors had given up, he survived and was healed. The people responsible for the accident were presented in the court, but James forgave them. What made him forgive them?

Hope for the hopeless... Watch Nireekshna
Desiring to be a blessing to the people of Andhra Pradesh, CBN launched Nireekshana to bring hope to the lives of one of the largest people’s group in South India. Nireekshana which means ‘hope’ has been on air since the year 2000. The show is extremely popular among the people of Andhra Pradesh. They are able to identify themselves with the people portrayed in this program and are also led to find solutions to their own problems in Jesus Christ. The 30 minute magazine format show deals with a contemporary issue in each of its episodes. Nireekshana airs every Sunday at 5.30pm, Every Wednesday at 6:45am and Friday at 6:45am on "SAKSHI TV" a popular news channel.

An answer to your daily problems Watch Samadhan
After the initial of anxiety of going to school, every child settles down to enjoying their time at school; but for SOLANKI DUTTA, going to school never stopped being a nightmare. And she always found excuses for not going to school. When her excuses failed Solanki decided to do something more serious.

Ik Navi Zindagi is hosted by Neetu Chaudhury. ENZ is a daily Punjabi show based on real life stories of ordinary people living extra-ordinary lives through the power of God. Neetu Chaudhury ministers to people and prays for them on the show.

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Special Episodes to Watch on
‘Ek Nayee Zindagi’

Watch the Burn-2014 Worship Workshop conducted by Christian Capital Centre on ‘Ek Nayee Zindagi’ on the 21st of July’14

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